Surprise! Now You Can Pre-order My Book on Amazon

“I have been reading your manuscript ever since it arrived—hate to put it down! I feel so inside the story that it's like you wrote it just for me.”

“I just can't stop thinking about your book. I'm grateful for such a gift of insight, knowledge, reflection, and divine (mystery). I went into this thinking I was going to read a "self-help" book. But what I read was a love story. A love story with a reminder that our journey is not always as we would like or choose.”

“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not religious in any sense of the word, or even spiritual. But, your (book’s) words are stirring emotion and a sense of understanding.”

“I have finished reading the book...really so profound for me and so much to re-read, digest, and ponder.” 

These are a few quick responses I’ve heard from my Launch Team friends—the 85 volunteers who are reading my manuscript in advance. They’ve agreed to help spread the word on my upcoming book, A Path Revealed: How Hope, Love, and Joy Found Us Deep in a Maze Called Alzheimer’s.

My book should be published in October. BUT you can pre-order it now on Amazon. My book’s retail price is set at $15.99. But Amazon, as it often does, has discounted it to $10.85. If you pre-order now, Amazon says it will guarantee that price when the book becomes available. Yet anyone familiar with Amazon knows this guaranteed offer could change next week.

So to get it for $10.85 now, please pre-order it here by clicking A Path Revealed on Amazon. When there, you’ll see I’ve added information about the book and about me as the author. If interested, reviews from early readers of my manuscript can be found by scrolling down the Amazon page below “About the Author” and click on “See all Editorial Reviews.”

Paraclete tells me 500 copies have already been pre-ordered. I know, I know…those aren’t big publishing numbers, but that’s 500 more copies than I imagined at this early stage.

“Teaser” excerpts have yet to be uploaded on this Amazon page, but if you email me I’ll send you a free pre-typeset digital version of: 1) Table of Contents; 2) Foreword; 3) Prologue; and 4) Chapter 2.

My email: Please put in the Subject line: Amazon offer.

This is from another member of my Launch Team: “I came home last night and your transcript was in the mail. I read it immediately from start to finish! Parts of it could be right out of my life. It touches the life of anyone that goes through a medical diagnosis."

And one more: “It is truly a book of compassion and learning.”

Thank you to all who have been following our story on this blog and who are sharing it with your circle of friends and family and favorite bookstores and libraries. I’ve been fortunate enough at times to put words to some deep feelings along our path, but I’m at a loss right now as I see our community—yours and mine—circling wider and deeper.

No longer is this Martha’s story and mine alone.    

 As you check out Amazon’s pre-order offer for yourself, feel free to pass this post along to your friends who also might be interested in our story.

Now…click here to see Amazon’s guaranteed pre-order offer for $10.85.

Thank you,

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