Our Community's Surge in Interest, Strength, and Influence

I feel lucky to have this ringside seat as I watch our community of readers grow in interest, strength, and influence.

As you know, I announced two weeks ago that you now can pre-order my book on Amazon. Apparently, many have.

Amazon recently said that my book ranked No. 3 under its “Hot New Releases” category for ‘Alzheimer’s’. It was also No. 3 under ‘Dementia’; No. 7 under ‘Neurology’; and No. 10 under ‘Christian family.’ These rankings, of course, are fluid and can vary widely from day to day based on sales activity. Nonetheless, they were a big surprise when I first saw them.

                                                          You’re seeing it here first: The full cover!

                                                          You’re seeing it here first: The full cover!

Because of your interest and support—thank you!—my posts are reaching far beyond those who’ve signed up to receive them. The post two weeks ago is a great example: The total number of people opening that email is nearly five times the number of subscribers who did. That’s an incredible pass-along rate. In fact, one friend’s email was opened over 170 times, and a handful of other friends’ emails over 40 times.

What do I make of this pre-order activity? Last fall, I wrote this about my book:

“I decided to write this book … Correction: I felt compelled to write this book because I sensed that my wife Martha, our children, and I had gone through enough unique experiences that our story might be worth telling to others who are enduring their own crises. Not that they would copy what we did, but our story might spark ideas and initiatives as they wrestled with their issues. They might hear echoes in our story that would help reinforce their decisions one way or another.”          

That must be happening to some extent, based on comments from many of you. 

One of my Launch Team friends says: “Thank you for the opportunity to read your manuscript. I found myself being immersed in your words…your journey and your telling of it are very moving and valuable.”

And this comes from another manuscript reader: “I don't often find a book that pulls me to the next chapter, but this one does…(Carlen) wastes not a word in this tightly told recounting of the battle … that led him (and I suspect most who read this book) to a whole new view and experience of life and God.”

                         One of Martha's paintings                                        described in my book's 'Postscript' chapter

                        One of Martha's paintings                                       described in my book's 'Postscript' chapter

A Quick Update on My Book
My publisher Paraclete Press and I have spent the last few weeks making last-minute revisions to the manuscript. We wrapped it up this week. I think Paraclete has done a remarkable job. The book’s editing and design and Paraclete's attention to detail and interaction with me are superb. The full cover (front, back, and spine) is shown above. There’s not a firm “publish date” yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I hear, so stay tuned.

If you or your friends have not pre-ordered my book, but would like to, you can still get it at Amazon’s discounted price of $10.85 by clicking here.

This Amazon page doesn’t yet have “teaser” excerpts from my book, but if you email me at carlen@carlenmaddux.com I’ll be glad to send you a free pre-typeset digital version of the Contents, Foreword, Prologue, and Chapter 2. Please put in the subject line: Amazon offer.

Thank you,

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