"Keep Asking Questions Until You Get the Answers!"

This is a touching human interest story by a man diagnosed several years ago with early onset Alzheimer’s; it’s about a well known woman who’s recently disclosed she’s been diagnosed with dementia. You may remember that Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stepped down from the Supreme Court several years ago to care for her attorney husband who’d developed dementia.

Greg O'Brien is an investigative reporter now living with Alzheimer’s disease. He shares his experiences in a book called On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s. Residing in the Cape Cod area, Greg writes in Psychology Today about the day as a cub reporter in Phoenix when he encountered Sandra Day O’Connor storming out of her courtroom, steamed at the ineptitude of the defense and prosecuting attorneys.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today

To read Greg’s story and about his friendship with Justice O’Connor, click here… “Keep Asking Questions”. I hope you enjoy it.