Do You Want to See My Book's Cover?

The clock is ticking as the publication date for my book approaches. Here’s the latest development—the cover of my book >>>

My publisher, Paraclete Press, presented this cover to several of its major vendors—book catalogs, online distributors, and brick-and-mortar stores, such as Barnes & Noble. Word is they like the cover—it’s clear, attractive, and conveys our story, they say. That was a relief and delight to hear. I still don’t have a precise date for my book’s launch, but I’m guessing mid-to-late October. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer.

On another front, I put a call out not long ago to anyone willing to join my “Launch Team.” I asked those who responded to read an advance manuscript, and then at the right time to help me spread the word on our book and to write a review on Amazon. I set an arbitrary cap of 29 persons, thinking that they could be accommodated if we hit that number or maybe a few more.

Little did I know!

At last count, 85 persons asked to sign up. Amazing. I huddled with Paraclete and we’re able to work with them all. So let me say thanks to my Launch Team members, and thanks to the rest of you for your ongoing interest in our story.

Finally, several people have been kind enough to endorse our book. A few weeks ago, I shared an excerpt from my book’s foreword written by Rev. Arthur Ross III, our friend and former pastor. The following endorsement is from Sister Elaine Prevallet, the nun in Kentucky who pointed us to the opening of our path. Sr. Elaine is retreat director with the Sisters of Loretto, whose motherhouse is about 50 miles south of Louisville. She’s authored at least three books, including Making the Shift: Seeing Faith Through a New Lens.

Sr. Elaine writes: “Carlen Maddux and his wife Martha visited with me for a week’s retreat shortly after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The story Carlen tells is an amazing journey.

“Gerald May’s reflection on willingness vs. willfulness in Will and Spirit: A Contemplative Psychology provided the core, anchoring this step-by-step journey. It would require that Carlen be willing to risk, to set aside the blocks of disbelief and distrust, to open his mind and heart to possibilities he’d never have imagined. From beginning to end, willingness was at the center, a willingness grounded in trust.

“Carlen is a good, clear writer. His choice of words is precise, his images effective. Everything about this story rings true, authentic, intimate, and experiential.”

Thank you,

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