Alzheimer's Communication

I saw this recently on Facebook regarding best practices for interacting and conversing with those disabled by dementia and Alzheimer’s…

  Never ARGUE, instead AGREE

Never REASON, instead DIVERT

Never SHAME, instead DISTRACT


Never say “REMEMBER”, instead REMINISCE

Never say “I TOLD YOU”, instead REPEAT/REGROUP

Never say “YOU CAN’T”, instead do what THEY CAN



Never FORCE, instead REINFORCE

Nothing more needs to be said other than this is a keeper.


I’ve had friends occasionally ask how they can help fight Alzheimer’s financially. Of course there’s always your favorite Alzheimer’s charity. But if you haven’t heard, there’s now an inexpensive, highly effective way that became possible in December. And that’s the new Alzheimer’s postage stamp.

AZ Stamp4.jpg

It costs 60 cents, about a dime more than the regular first class stamp. That dime goes to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for Alzheimer’s research. Every little bit adds up, especially if the Post Office sells all 500-million stamps it printed. So put this stamp on all your bills and letters. I am.

An interesting story lies behind how this stamp came to be. I’ll share this with you soon.

I hope you had a good holiday season.  


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