'A Path Revealed' Is Now Released

My book is launched. Finally!

Four years ago this November, these were the first words I wrote in the first draft of my book…

The date is seared in my mind—September 23rd, 1997.

That’s the date our family took a sharp turn, unexpectedly, into a world pocked with the grotesque. That day, my wife and I were scheduled for a follow-up visit to the doctor, who a few weeks earlier had run some tests on Martha. In July, Martha had gone alone for those tests, but had walked out of the doctor’s office before meeting him.

“I got tired of waiting,” Martha said. That was it, no other explanation, topic closed.

The children and I had been urging her to get tested, for something seemed wrong. What, we didn’t know. We just knew that she was forgetting names and appointments more than occasionally.

The past 18 months had been tough on Martha….

Thousands of words later, and after untold edits and rewrites and a hundred changes to the title,    A Path Revealed is published, and its page one of Chapter One looks and reads like this:

Ironically, the first copies of A Path Revealed were shipped out nineteen years to the day after our family’s journey began, on September 23rd.


If you’re interested in following our story and haven’t ordered A Path Revealed, you can go to Amazon and buy it at the discounted price of $10.85. You’re probably tired of seeing the cover by now, but for those who haven’t seen it…

One more thought: I’ve already heard of at least six book clubs that are either considering A Path Revealed or have decided to read and discuss it. If your club, discussion group, or church circle is interested in my book, you can save money if one person orders all your group’s copies from Amazon. Shipping is free for book purchases of $25 or more. So each book would cost only $10.85+tax. Otherwise, you would pay an additional $5 per book in shipping & handling.

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