A Christmas Memory

A lifelong friend from first grade dug this 1994 Christmas card out of some dusty box and passed it along. “I thought you might like to have this,” she said recently. The picture was shot three years before Martha and I were hit with the news of Alzheimer’s. 

In the spirit that Ella passed this Christmas memory to me, I share it with you.  

Our two attractive redheads are Rachel, 17, holding Punky, and Kathryn, 13, standing to her mother’s left. The handsome guy to my right is David, 19, discreetly hiding his ponytail.   

Today, David lives in Tampa with wife Katie and children Libby (9), Nelson (7), and Bennett (3). David runs his own investment firm, which Katie keeps organized. 

Rachel lives in St. Petersburg with husband Sergio DeSanto, an architect, and children Olivia Grace (4) and Victor (1) and docile cat Niña. Rachel is a tenured professor at a local community college, teaching English as a Second Language, or ESL. 

Kathryn lives in Washington, D.C., with her partner Jacinta Alves, an attorney, and their hyper-pup Sephy. Kathryn works for an office of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

Our family wishes you a wonderful Christmas season. 

May you give with all your heart. And may you receive all you need, and nothing more. 


P.S. I’m taking a holiday break next week, as you may be. I’ll be back the following week.