How Do You Find Hope?


Only days after turning fifty, my wife Martha was blindsided with news that she has Alzheimer’s disease. We felt as though we were shoved out of a plane 10,000 feet up, without parachutes. Until then Martha had been a spirited mother and a civic activist. I published a regional business magazine. Our lives would never be the same. 

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My name is Carlen Maddux, and I am by training, career, and instinct a journalist and editor. The only way I know to share this most intimate journey is to bring a journalist’s eye and style to a story that’s filled with spiritual breakthroughs, fears, failures, heart-warming encounters, and thought-provoking revelations. Sixteen years later, this path continues to unfold.
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My book is the story of a path emerging during our darkest hours, a path that we neither planned nor foresaw. In the beginning there was no blueprint for us … no map … no instruction manual. There was only a desperate impulse to get out of this thing NOW!”   Find out More


Any number of good, hard lessons can emerge from a serious crisis. Here are some I learned from ours…